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CU Advocacy

The Answers You Need

The bankers are constantly attacking Credit Unions at the State and Local levels trying to increase taxes on Credit Unions and change laws that dissolve the freedom to choose financials.  As advocates, we need to be in constant contact with our representatives reminding them to #protectfinancialchoice.


How do I become a CU Advocate?

The best way to advocate for Credit Unions is to get involved.  Ask questions, reach out to your state league, participate in the Hike the Hill days, have a social media presence that promotes financial choice, contact your state representatives and always promote the #peoplehelpingpeople philosophy.

What if I'm not sure how to explain the importance of Credit Unions?

No worries!  State Leagues, PolicyWorks, NCUA, and CUNA have you covered with websites and toolkits specifically to help you with your comfort level. One major piece of advice is to tell your story and the stories of member impact you and your Credit Union have had. We are making a difference in everyday lives and those stories are what keeps us differentiated from the banks.