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The Answers You Need

The bankers are constantly attacking Credit Unions at the State Capital trying to increase the taxes on Credit Unions.  As Advocates, we need to be in constant contact with our representatives reminding them to #protectfinancialchoice


How do I become a CU Advocate?

The best way to advocate for Credit Unions is to get involved.  Participate in the Hike the Hill days, contact your state representatives and always promote the #peoplehelpingpeople philosophy

What if I'm not sure how to explain the importance of Credit Unions?

No worries!  The league and CUNA have you covered with sites and toolkits specifically for that.  

What is a Credit Union?

CUNA's Tax Status Toolkit

CUNA's White Paper on Tax Status

Don't have time to read the White Paper now?  Check out some highlights below:

- Credit unions delivered around $16.5 billion in direct and indirect financial benefits 2018 — that is roughly eight times the $1.8 billion tax expenditure Congress has granted credit unions.

- Since 2007, credit unions have contributed almost $142 billion back into the economy.

- Credit unions collectively paid an estimated $20 billion in federal, state, and local taxes, and credit union members paid and estimated $1.5 trillion in state and federal taxes on proceeds and interest in the most recent tax year.

- While the credit union tax expenditure was approximately $1.8 billion in 2018, lower tax rates have reduced the tax burden on U.S. banks by nearly $30 billion due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs act.

How do I find out who my representatives are?  How do I contact them?

The League has a page where you can search for your representatives by zip code.  

Find your Representatives

The league and your credit union will send out emails asking for you to Take Action.  Follow those prompts to send your representatives emails.  Look up their twitter handle and tweet them with the tweet provided by the league or your credit union, or tell your own personal story to them.

Not sure who to support in upcoming Elections?

The league also supplies you with a toolkit for each election and big push at the statehouse.  Check them out here:

Election Tool kits

The best way to push change is to constantly be heard - to say it loud and proud!



Hike the Hill

Join us to Hike the Hill and talk with your Representatives

April 10th

Gracie Brandsgard

Gracie works for Policy Works Iowa and promotes the legislative interests of Iowa’s credit unions to policymakers at the state and federal level.