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Chassidy Butler - Living my Core Values

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Chassidy Butler has worked for CU Engage, based in St. Petersburg, FL as a Strategic Consultant for the past two years. CU Engage provides consulting and guidance for credit unions by offering assessment, vendor evaluations, strategy and negotiations.

There are honestly not enough good things to say about Chassidy. She lights up any room with her smile and laugh, has the biggest heart, loves to talk to everyone, learn their story, and then will give it to you straightforward advice – even if it’s not what you want to hear, but knows you need to hear it. I was lucky enough to meet Chassidy through work soon after we both gave birth to our daughters, and coincidentally had named them the same name :) We became fast friends and our children did as well. I’m so honored to have Chassidy in my corner as a friend and a mentor. Check out more about our interview with Chassidy!

How did you get your start in the credit union industry and what keeps you here?

I started in the credit union industry approximately 6 years ago by taking a job at The Members Group. I worked alongside the sales team and was able to make many connections with credit union peers. The motto of “people helping people” has always spoken to me as helping others is one of my core values. When starting at CU Engage, I was happy to be able to stay in the industry. CU Engage truly stands by those core values of “people helping people” and every day I know that I am making a difference with our credit unions by finding operational efficiencies, genuine partnerships and cost savings.

You’ve been to many credit union conferences throughout your career. What is your favorite part and why should more young professionals find a way to attend?

Conferences! April through July is conference season! Although your feet may be tired from standing, your cheeks sore from smiling and your clothes a little tighter from all of the amazing food – it is truly an amazing experience. My favorite part is being able to connect with a wide range of individuals that bring different perspectives and in addition, building my network. I have been able to meet so many key individuals throughout these different conferences and the following year we meet up again and pick each other’s brains.

More young professionals should attend conferences to build their brand, their network and open their minds to different perspectives. Individuals from throughout the country, with different experiences can help evolve us all to be more well-rounded individuals that have like-minded results – helping others and serving the community.

What would you like to see change in the credit union industry?

I would like to see credit unions as a whole, to be quicker in their go to market strategy with new technology. I love to hear when credit unions are the first to implement something new, rather than the big banks and Fintechs. With that being said, if a credit union is first to market on something and let’s say they are on the West Coast and have the next big thing, I’d love to see other credit unions in non-competing markets sharing and talking about it to make a bigger splash and then polling/surveying their members to see if they’d like! Social media is everywhere, why not pile on the support for others and get member feedback at the same time? Cheering our credit union friends on that are taking risks brings more eyes to the credit union movement as a whole!

Tell us a bit about what you are involved in outside the CU industry?

Being a wife and mom? Does that count? Outside of work, I focus a lot of time on family since I am on the road so often. I also play softball on Thursdays, attend a bi-weekly book club and volunteer for my daughters activities at her school.

I hope you've enjoyed our chat with Chassidy. To keep up with or connect with Chassidy, find her on Instagram or LinkedIn

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