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Commitment to Change Town Hall hosted by MnCUN and AACUC

As our followers know, YP’s are continually striving to make a difference and the upcoming Commitment to Change Town Hall hosted by the Minnesota Credit Union Network and AACUC is a perfect example of that. In the past, you’ve heard from both Ben Hering and Staci Hering about the differences they are making with CU Forward Day and CU Kind Day. They are continuing their mission to make an impact and a difference by collaborating on a YP Panel for the Commitment to Change Town Hall Event this Thursday from 2- 3pm CST. We talked briefly with Ben about how this project came to be and what Credit Unions in Minnesota are doing to help Commit to Change.

Being from Minnesota, this hits home for you. Talk about your efforts and the efforts of others in the community.

Since the death of George Floyd, we’ve seen a resurgence in support around the countless local organizations and nonprofits providing much-needed relief and resources, with missions to dismantle various forms of systemic racism, through fundraising, donations and volunteerism – it has truly been a sign of hope for change.

The ways in which credit unions have stepped up has certainly been inspiring. To see credit union staff, who have already been out on the front lines serving members throughout the pandemic, in the community giving back has been a testament to the altruistic nature of the people we attract in this industry. And, to know I am a part of a movement that cares about doing the right thing, is energizing, motivating me to further action.

A lot of what I’ve been focused on has been outreach. Connecting with like-minded and passionate peers, touching base with family and friends, especially friends and loved ones of color, keeping closely connected to organizations needing support, and engaging in community events when possible.

What has been the process of putting this all together and who are you working with to make this Event happen?

Through an introduction from my YP colleague, Staci Hering at the Illinois Credit Union League, I had the privilege of meeting Renee Sattiewhite, President & CEO of African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC). We met only a few weeks ago and had an extraordinary initial discussion, garnering an immediate close connection. That first conversation sparked the idea to jointly host this event, catered to young professionals, as a call to action for leading change.

Chair of the AACUC Young Professional Summit, Opal Tomashevska from CUNA Mutual Group, has also been leading up efforts to raise awareness throughout the industry. Along with Opal, the panel will include credit union young professionals from across the country sharing experiences and insights on fighting racism and leading change.

What is the most important action we can all take?

Listen to understand. Actually hear and learn from the experiences of our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color colleagues and members. Bring their voices to the foreground. From them, and from trusted outlets and research, continually seek out ways to educate ourselves.

Taking meaningful next steps forward means having the hard, uncomfortable discussions with our teams that help us to look internally, at our history, at the make-up of our organizations, at the nature of our systems, and the ways in which we serve our members.

We need to ask ourselves: how might we better reach marginalized communities, the people who need us most, the people who credit unions are best positioned to serve? How might credit unions epitomize our people-helping-people philosophy?

To register to attend the Commitment to Change Town Hall – please click here

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