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Get started on Social Media!

So you have an account for the social media platforms, but how do you engage? The answer is just jump in feet first! My go to platform for advocacy is Twitter, Linkedin is strictly professional connections, and I use my Facebook and Instagram (Insta as the cool kids call it) for platforms that are more personal with family. You can honestly work on whichever platform(s) feels more comfortable for you, as most CU’s and CUSO’s are on all in some way shape or form.

To be honest, I sat back and just watched what was happening for a while before I felt comfortable enough to engage with others, as I was not quite sure what to say. Follow the people on our Who to Follow page and see how they are engaging with others, know your own personal story and what matters to you. Start liking posts and retweeting/share them if they really speak to you. Then, when you are comfortable enough to speak your peace, then do it! The Credit Union industry is great and love to engage with other advocates. They will probably like what you have said and follow you as well.

As you know, the Credit Union industry is a tight knit family and we are all here to support one another. Get out there, spread the word, and get involved!

Happy liking, sharing and posting!

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