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Jorge Ortiz - Curiosity Drives Involvement

Jorge Ortiz is a bright and smiley face in the credit union industry and is constantly working to make this world a better place, one karaoke bar at a time :) Jorge got his start in the financial works working at BMO Harris as a customer service representative. During his senior year of college at North Park University, he interned at North Side Community Federal Credit Union and is now the Business Development Manager. Jorge is passionately involved with issues involving economic development of diverse communities. During his time at North Park University, Jorge obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in mathematics; conducted research on inventory management, economic inequality, and behavioral economics. In addition to all of that, he was a teacher assistant and president of the economics club. We had the opportunity to chat with Jorge and find out a little more about what drew him to the credit union industry and what he hopes to achieve in the future!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I was born and raised in Ecuador. Since a young age, I was always interested in topics such like income inequality, history, and philosophy. My curiosity led me to explore different ideologies including communism (now I consider myself a former Marxist and if we want to get political, I found myself to be a libertarian). I came to the USA to study economics and mathematics, after graduation I was hired to work at North Side Community CFCU as the Business Development Manager in Chicago, Illinois.

How did you get your start in the credit union industry?

Sarah Marshall, the CEO of North Side CFCU came to speak to a management and leadership class where at the time I was the TA (teacher assistant). After listening to her speech and hearing her passion, I asked if I could work there and she hired me as an intern.

What are you involved with in the movement? What do you gain from these experiences?

I like to get involved in my community and my industry a lot. I’m part of Filene i3, the marketing board of the local chamber of commerce of my neighborhood, and proud member of a local cooperative grocery store. I think all these experiences are constantly helping me to understand different perspectives; the great value of people working together, how to come up with innovative solutions and a develop patience.

What is your favorite part about the credit union industry?

The people, everyone that works in this industry is truly passionate for the work we do. It definitely inspires me and encourages me to do better. It gives me the unique satisfaction that while we are making profits to give back to our members, at the same time we are making a positive impact into our communities.

What would you like to see change in the credit union industry?

I will like us to be more adaptive to technology trends. We should as an industry being constantly incubating/trying new ideas for the benefit of our members. I feel that we are to slow to make a change.

What’s next for Jorge?

In the short term I will like to complete i3 and get my MBA. In the long term, I will like to own a couple properties, get married (happily) and still be involved with the credit union industry. I would like to be the CEO of a credit union or construct my own business with similar mission driven solutions as the credit union industry.

What do you enjoy doing when you are busy in your credit union or community?

In my free time I like to play soccer, bike around the city, watch horror movies, do karaoke and read about history. I’m a big fan of Napoleon Bonaparte’s work and the Eagles is my all-time favorite American band that I will never get the chance to see (I’m a big classic rock listener).

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