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Madam Nymphadora - Drag Out The Vote™

A while back we had the opportunity to sit down with Dan Marquez and chat about the credit union industry. Recently we had the chance to sit down with Madam Nymphadora to talk about all they are doing to Drag Out The Vote™. They are also getting ready to embark on a cross county move to share their talents with the western half of the US.

We all know Dan but want to get to know Madam Nymphadora a little better. Can you tell us a little bit about Madam Nymphadora?

Madam Nymphadora is a Development Educator and Drag Entertainer with the sole

mission to raise awareness of socioeconomic oppression by means of engagement,

entertainment, education, and empowerment. I was created by Daniel Marquez, a

natural thought leader and disrupter. Dan also has a deep passion for

strengthening the impact of the global credit union movement through advocacy

for individuals who experience socioeconomic misappropriation.

After years of working within the credit union movement, Dan decided to combine their passion for singing with their profession and that’s how I was born! Dan became a Credit

Union Development Educator and became even more inspired to curate unique

styles of outreach to the credit union space. That’s what has led us here today,

to uniquely express ourselves and our leadership actions to further our personal

and professional growth.

Madam Nymphadora is working with Drag Out The Vote™. Can you tell us how that involvement came to be? Also, why it is a passion of Nymphadora’s?

Drag Out The Vote™ is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works with

drag performers to promote participation in democracy. We educate and

register voters at drag events online and offline, by organizing local and

national voter activations. Led by fierce drag kings and queens across the

nation, we advocate for increased voter access and engagement in 2020 and


Conceived in 2017, Drag Out The Vote™ was born out of one woman’s

determination to get the LGBTQ+ and Allied communities engaged about

voting. In realizing that 1 in 5 LGBTQ+ people is not registered to vote, and

that 100 million people overall did not vote in 2016, Jackie Huba set out to find

a solution. Source:

Madam Nymphadora was designed to elevate the artistic expression of Drag

within the professional world, specifically the Credit Union space, to further

increase LGBTQ+ representation. As a passionate Credit Union and Human

Rights Advocate, it only seemed natural to apply to be a Drag Ambassador to

further enhance the importance of democratic participation. The Credit Union

Movement was built on the founding principles and philosophies of

democratically governed cooperatives that align with the mission of the Drag

Ambassadors Program. I personally think the Credit Union Movement could

benefit by learning innovative and creative ways to increase advocacy


What types of things is Madam Nymphadora doing to help Drag Out the Vote™?

Madam Nymphadora is launching a podcast series centered around the theme of

Democratic and Socioeconomic Participation and Inclusion. Woke Ass People, will

feature Advocates, Storytellers, Disrupters, and Nonconformists to engage voters and

educate constituents on pressing issues that impact their socioeconomic development.

The podcast will be in addition to outreach to engage voters through organic social

media involvement. Make sure to follow social media and website information for





We’ve heard that Madam Nymphadora is making the move to California. What other groups will Nymphadora be involved in or looking to get involved in?

She is! Madam Nymphadora’s creator, Dan Marquez (they/them), accepted a position with

Corelation Inc, in San Diego, California! After 29 years in Nebraska, Dan and

Nymphadora will be heading west sometime in 2021. Due to Covid-19 and wildfires in the

California area, we are exercising caution by staying safe at home and working remotely,

until the office opens next year. We are hoping to get involved with other passionate

Drag artists and LGBTQ+ organizations in San Diego, as well as continue advocating for

socioeconomic and democratic freedom.

Here at CUltivate, we along with Madam Nymphadora want to make sure our followers are registered to vote and plan on getting out to vote in this upcoming election!

CUltivate is people helping people with our mission to spread the word, connect the people, and give an outlet to share your stories. Know someone in the industry we should interview? Drop us a line at

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