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Shea Boykin - Showing Passion and Value

We met Shea Boykin at the CUNA YP Conference as she brought great insights to the pre-conference and was avidly networking throughout our time in Madison. Shea’s energy was contagious, and we knew we had to sit down with her to discuss her journey. She is currently the Marketing Director at Okaloosa County Teacher’s Federal Credit Union and works hard everyday to show more people in her community the Credit Union difference. Here is Shea’s spotlight and how she has been able to constantly reach her goals!

Tell us about how you got your start in the Credit Union space and your current day to day.

I got my start in Credit Union space not long after I graduated high school- 2 months to be exact. I had been coming to my local Credit Union since I was a little girl and have had an account there since 1998. I knew the people really cared about me and my needs and that was something that really attracted me to work at a Credit Union. What keeps me here is PASSION! What started out as a job for me has turned into a beautiful career of people helping people, building relationships, and continuing to grow in our community. It takes a whole team approach to make a difference and I firmly believe Credit Unions all support one another and put members first. I can attest to that as a member and as an employee. I have become so passionate about my role and the industry, it just sort of takes over and I am very proud to be a part of the CU Movement.

My current role is Marketing Director and I am responsible for the Credit Unions overall marketing vision and department. While also keeping everyone engaged in the community and building relationships with other businesses in our community. I really feel small business is vital in our economy and we try to give back and show support as much as we can. With our current situation of COVID-19 supporting small businesses is now more important than ever. In this position, I hope to grow and develop my skills in being a leader, as a young professional I know leadership is a skill that will earn me the respect I deserve, and leading others has always been a passion of mine. I have encountered so many great leaders within the industry, I feel it is my duty to develop into a strong leader as well. I want to continue to help my Credit Union stay up to date on the cutting edge of technology and tell people our Credit Union story.

What was your favorite part of attending the CUNA YP Conference?

My favorite part of attending the YP Conference was the networking. I love meeting new people and learning how our business strategies can help one another. Working in marketing the more I know about people and other Credit Unions the more I can implement marketing strategies that work and help tell our story. It is not every day you get to meet so many determined young professionals, hear their stories, and about how they are making changes at their Credit Union. Discovering how involved our generation really is both within the Credit Union space as well as in their own communities I was really motivated by this. We are a kind generation of people helping people and this conference really showcased that.

Networking is so critical, that has been one of the most difficult things for us during this lock down is not seeing all the amazing people within the industry. Tell me what other committees and groups you involved in.

I am part of the Mike Meeks Charity Wild Game Dinner Committee. This is a nonprofit which was organized to raise money with the specific purpose to provide relief to the poor, distressed, and underprivileged. Our primary (but not exclusive) focus is on school aged children. At this age we can make such an impact that can change these children’s whole life. This event is very dear to my heart because it honors a wonderful man in the community, Mike Meeks, who passed away in 2012 after a massive heart attack. In honor of Mike this charity was started with the purpose of benefiting the less fortunate, much like the mission of the Credit Union industry. This year, we were able to raise over $50,000 and I won “The Spirit of Mike Meeks Community Service Award.” It was such an honor to receive this award because knowing what an amazing man he was, and to receive an award named after him is just such an honor.

I am also part of the Niceville Young Professional Group. I am the Media Chair for this group, and I enjoy being involved with all the motivated individuals in this YP group. We recently sponsored two grandparents at the Niceville Pavilion Living Facility. We all take turns going and visiting with them and taking them goodies to make their day a little brighter. A little of our time can go such a long way and I am very proud of the Niceville Young Professional Group.

People helping people, you really are living that philosophy and purpose. Tell me your favorite people helping people story.

Honestly, it’s my own story. I had been coming to my Credit Union since I was 9 years old. My granny would drive us to the Credit Union and park out front, I would go inside and make her deposits and do her financial transactions for her. The VP of the Credit Union at that time watched me for years as I helped my granny by simply going inside to the branch and doing her financial transactions for her. Once I graduated high school, I was given the opportunity to work at there. In August, it will be 13 years I have been employed at the Okaloosa County Teachers Federal Credit Union. Since that first day, I go to work each day with a grateful heart and thankful that I was given an opportunity to continue to help people with their financial transactions. I am trying to treat members the way I was treated when I entered the Credit Union.

What a great way to get your start in the industry as a member and now an employee for over 10 year, this is awesome. What is next for you?

I have been continuing to take college classes to finish my degree in hopes that one day I can become Vice President or President CEO of our Credit Union. I want to be able to grow, learn, and continue to tell people how wonderful our movement really is. Since attending the YP Conference I know we are not only the future of the workforce, but we are also going to change the workplace and really carry out our values and passions as young professionals. Thank you for the spotlight and thank you for all that you do to promote young professionals.

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