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Tools to Advocate!

Advocacy is asking others to help take action in support of your cause. What is your cause? Well we hope you have

many causes that you are passionate about, and at least one of them is Credit Unions! Being an advocate is simply telling your story to friends, family, co-workers and even elected officials. An advocate encourages others to speak up as well!

Unsure what to say when you meet with elected officials? The Iowa Credit Union League put together a fantastic Advocacy Tool Kit (reach out for a copy!). CUNA also has a Member Activation Program you can sign up to be a part of. It can get you and your member’s active in Credit Union Advocacy. MAP’s will send out content where you can just put in your information and pass along to your members. It also has a link to the America’s Credit Union’s site to better explain the Credit Union Difference.

Are you ready to Advocate? Let’s go!

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