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Woke Ass People Engage in Strategic Sponsorship

Woke Ass People is a creation by a CUltivate alum, Madam Nymphadora and Dan Marquez. As you know, we love and support everything that they do and we were so excited to see this newest support. Be sure to check out the WAP podcast as there have been some amazing episodes just released.

WAP is now a sponsor of the Hip Hop for the Homeless 7.

Save the Date – December 4-18, 2020 for Hip Hop for the Homeless 7

The Woke Ass People Podcast Team are proud to be a sponsor of the 7th annual benefit tour, Hip Hop for the Homeless. Credit union, and specifically CUDE folks, know that housing is one of the twelve development issues and that homelessness impacts families and individuals far and wide. Disproportionately, LGBT and BIPOC youth find themselves without roofs over their heads. For communities across Connecticut, a coalition of creatives in the music scene have vowed to bring assistance again for the 7th consecutive year, despite the complications of COVID-19. Woke Ass People team has partnered with Hip Hop for the Homeless to raise awareness and resources for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Connecticut high school English teacher and regionally famous rapper, Joey Batts was faced with the realization that his impression of what a homeless person looks like was off base. After learning that he had students with food insecurity and housing needs, he looked for ways to help. Batts says, “The concept began with just realizing that homelessness affects so many people - of all ages, and many times, not the typical displacement cases we see with our eyes. Coming to the realization that the holidays are a difficult time of year for anyone, more even so for folks who don’t have a home or a support team behind them, so why not try to help?” In the years since it’s inception, Hip Hop for the Homeless has raised nearly $20,000.00 which goes directly to partner community agencies across Connecticut that support people with nutrition, housing, clothing, and job training needs.

COVID has complicated many things this year, we all know that. But one thing that remains clear is that the group of dedicated artists will continue to provide support to the members of their communities that need it most. Year seven of Hip Hop for the Homeless will see virtual performances for the first time, available to anyone with an internet connected device. While we’ll all miss out on the connection of sharing a physical space, more people will be able to see the show without fear of exposure to the virus and keeping our communities safe is what is most important.

How can you help? Give to the gofundme campaign! DONATION LINK A $25 donation will get you the annual HH4H t-shirt, which has become something of a collector’s item.

Save the dates below to catch the virtual shows. All funds raised are divided equally among the partner agencies in the host cities.

Date City Partner Organization

Dec 4th New Britain Friendship Service Center

Dec 5th Meriden New Opportunities of Greater Meriden

Dec 11th Manchester MACC Charities

Dec 12th New London New London Homeless Hospitality Center

Dec 18th Hartford Hands on Hartford

Looking ahead, Batts says “As I continue to navigate this COVID landscape - finding ways to help my artistic friends is priority #1. We need to find ways to partner with small businesses and maximize exposure for everyone involved. It’s very difficult to lean on each other when we can’t even receive hugs.”

Please friends, join us in supporting this epic DE Project in disguise. Although this group of disrupters and story tellers aren’t credit union employees, they are living out the people helping people model in the realest way possible. They saw a need, evaluated their talents, organized, and delivered a solution. If that’s not a DE project, I don’t know what is.

CUltivate is people helping people with our mission to spread the word, connect the people, and give an outlet to share your stories. Know someone in the industry we should interview? Drop us a line at


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