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CUltivate wants to bring awareness to Credit Union Professionals going above and beyond in their community.  Submit your CUdos below!

CUdos for Ben

CUdos to Ben for bringing both of his passions together to help benefit the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation.  Indeed Brewing (@indeedbrewing) and the Minnesota Credit Union Network (@mncreditunions) created the Minnesota Handshake that will be sold at the Minnesota State Fair.  $1 from every Strawberry milkshake cream ale will benefit the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation. The credit union industry needs this type of forward thinking, innovative and collaborative efforts.  Nice work, Ben!


CUdos for Taylor and Kayla

Taylor and Kayla were such great representatives for the State of Iowa while CRASHing the GAC.  They were active on social media to share their experience and also great at advocating on behalf of Iowa Credit Unions to the Iowa Representatives and others while Hiking the Hill.  Thank you both for being such great representatives of Iowa and making the Credit Union industry proud!


CUdos for Brandon!

I wanted to personally spotlight Brandon Scheitlin for his continual efforts with mentoring and engaging emerging leaders and last years ICUL Crashers. What many know is that Brandon was the 2018 ICUL CRASH Mentor, what you may not know is how involved Brandon still is with this CRASHer Group as well as with the Credit Unions Movement as a whole. It is rare when I do not see Brandon at any type of Credit Union Event. What is most impressive to me is that he continues to be involved in this mentorship & lead by example role while learning to run his Credit Unions card programs. I applaud his efforts knowing he puts in a ton of work in his new role at the Credit Union. Thanks for being an inspirational leader Brandon!


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