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Meet Our Team

Get to know the team behind CUltivate and how they came together


Chris Olson


Chris got into the Credit Union world in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. Coming from Corporate America the Credit Union world was an industry he dreamed existed. Being hand selected to CRASH the Iowa Credit Union League Convention only a few short months after he joined the movement changed his career and his life. Coming back as a CRASH Mentor the following year developed Chris’ skill set as a leader, a mentor, and as a person. Chris then soon transitioned jobs as he took an executive level position where he is spoiled enough to work with Credit Unions and Credit Union State Leagues in 20 different states. Chris is a huge supporter and a reason the Iowa Credit Union Emerging Leaders Connection is what it is today. He has had speaking engagements in different state leagues, board meetings, training events, and continues to be an advocate and strong voice for the CU movement.

Marcus Murphy


As an assistant Branch Manager at one of the largest Credit Unions in Iowa, Marcus Murphy is eager to spread the word of the People Helping People philosophy.  Through his countless volunteering events and being President of a Community Action Committee he strives to make others life’s better. After being selected to CRASH the Iowa Credit Union League’s annual conference.  He has attended many Emerging leaders roundtables, and many other leadership events. He wants to use all the information he learns and share it with others!

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Aubrey Ward


Aubrey started her career in the Credit Union industry in 2006.  After taking a brief break from the industry in 2010, she realized how much she missed it and started at a CUSO owned by the Iowa Credit Union League in 2012. During her time there, she was able to soak in many Credit Union Advocacy and development speakers, which drove her love for the industry even more.  She CRASHed the CU Direct conference in 2018 and was selected to be part of the 2018 Filene i3 group. She is #CUobsessed and wants to involve more people in crashing and staying involved with the all of the opportunities in the credit union industry.

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Twitter: Aubs28